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Last updated on 二月 3, 2020

由于担心致命的新型冠状病毒传染,澳大利亚首相 Scott Morrison 刚刚宣布,禁止所有中国大陆来的访客登陆澳大利亚除非你是澳大利亚居民

Australia will deny entry to all travellers from mainland China unless they’re Australian citizens, amid growing fear surrounding the deadly coronavirus, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced. 

SBS 的文章具体解释道:

“If you’ve come from mainland China, at any time after 1 February then you’ll be required to isolate for a period of 14 days,” the PM told reporters in Canberra on Saturday evening.

如果你在 2 月 1 日后来自中国大陆,你将会被要求自我隔离 14 天。并且:

“For anyone other than Australians citizens, Australian residents, dependents, legal guardians or spouses, then you’ll not be permitted entry into Australia.”